What we offer?

We bring to you some of the best medical solutions

A comprehensive biokinetics evaluation done prior to the initiation of all rehabilitation treatment.

  • Detailed medical history questionnaire
  • Postural and biomechanical analysis
  • Measures of muscle imbalances and joint ranges of motion
  • Heart rate, blood pressure, glucose and lung function measures to identify physiological responses to exercise for chronic disease management programs
  • Balance and gait testing to identify baseline measures of functional and neurological deficits
  • Anthropometric measures of lean muscle and body fat percentages

Individualized patient-specific exercise programs to address all musculoskeletal deficits and recurrent symptoms

  • One -on-one rehabilitation session
  • Clinical exercise sessions structured around joint stability, muscular strength, balance and alignment
  • Illustrated printed programs for each session
  • Specific home exercises given to help reinforce the treatments provided during each session for continued improvements at home
  • Scientifically progressed programs per rehabilitation phase
  • 4-6-week revaluation follow ups for program updates and return to activity

Individualized one on one water-based therapy sessions

  • One -on-one rehabilitation session
  • Indoor heated pool
  • Specialized equipment and railing support for effective therapy sessions
  • Sessions are structured around pain management, joint mobility and regaining functional confidence in a safe training environment

Supervised rehabilitation sessions for all cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological and special population groups

  • Monitored exercise sessions using heart rate and blood pressure monitors
  • Pre and post exercise baseline measures
  • Long term management plans
  • Combination of land and water-based rehabilitation sessions

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